Mequon Location now closed, Lindsay is moving to Arizona!

Thank you to all the wonderful people that have made the last two years so memorable! I'm grateful to have met Laura and to have been given the opportunity to work with Sara and everyone else at The Colour Bowl! It is with both excitement and sadness that I must announce my departure to Scottsdale, AZ! But I will be back! With wonderful friends and family in the greater Milwaukee area I plan to travel 'home' a few times a year! Keep connected with me on Facebook for announcements on health and wellness classes!

Hope to see everyone again real soon! Thank you all for your support! ~Lindsay Mercen, L.Ac

Acupuncture, a gentle approach!

At Healing Frequency you will experience authentic acupuncture services with the the comforting feel of a wellness spa retreat. Here patients are pampered with added touches inspired by the orient. Services are tailored to individual patient's needs after an in-depth wellness consultation.

Come and find out how this is not your average acupuncture clinic!

Wondering if Acupuncture

can help you?

-Are your muscles sore and tight?

-Do your joints squeak like the Tin Man?

-Do you suffer from GI pain or irregularity?

-Are you a woman coping with menstrual disorders?

-Do you feel unreasonable anxiety?

  -Is your skin aging, dry or breaking out?

-Do you experience headaches or migraines?

-Are you tired or fatigued easily?

Acupuncture can help!

If you strive for optimal health, beauty and fitness but seek it by

natural, healthy means you are due for some healing frequency!


Check yourself in to experience the relief and total relaxation Oriental Medicine has to offer! Specializing in pain disorders, women's health, digestive irregularities, fatigue and more!


Healing Frequency is devoted to aiding individuals on their quest to a healthy lifestyle by providing compassionate services which address the mind•body•spirit so beauty can be achieved from the inside ~ out.


Healing Frequency offers acupuncture treatments and accessory techniques to address the body as a whole.

Chinese Medicine recognizes eight pillars of healing modalities that help enable the body to thrive:

  • Spirituality: keeping faith
  • Feng Shui: harmony in the home
  • Meditation: peaceful mind
  • Nutrition: healthy fuel  
  • Exercise: keep it moving
  • Massage: rub it out!
  • Herbs: nature’s medicine
  • Acupuncture: harmonizing Qi

You will find the resources and guidance

to grow in these areas right here!

Your Spa Experience

Take a few hours – or even a whole day – to refresh yourself, recover, and rejuvenate at the landmark Rose Cottage in Mequon, WI. Moorehead and Rhodes now shares its space with The Colour Bowl Salon and Wellness Spa! Healing Frequency is excited to be a part of this full service spa, offering massage, facials, hair styling, nails, waxing and permanent cosmetics.


"When someone told me that acupuncture could change my life I was a bit skeptical.  Dealing with a number of health issues, that seemed too good to be true.  But on the recommendation of a friend I made an appointment at the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine in Racine.  That was two years ago and I can honestly say it was the best decision I ever made.  I had the distinct pleasure of working with student Lindsay Mercen and she has changed my life.  The arthritis in my hands, which had become increasingly painful and limited my woodworking time, has improved dramatically.  After suffering with IBS for many, many years - no longer a problem.  I have also been treated for low back pain, night sweats and knee pain.  There is no pain involved with the needling and the treatment takes about an hour.  When Lindsay graduated I was happy to follow her to her own practice recently opened in Mequon.  My skepticism along with my pain has disappeared.  I cannot say enough about the benefits of acupuncture and the great work of Lindsay Mercen."

--Lyle K, Milwaukee, WI